Trump: A Man Of The Wrong Kind Of Action

Humans are built and programed for action. The first choice of action, if one has opportunity and ability, is to undertake positive actions, if not then one resolves the need for action in negative ways.

Those who lack ability, skill, patience and maturity end up becoming action machines of destruction — petty criminals, gang members or political mass murderers. In a very real sense they can’t help themselves. They must act in whatever avenue is available to them.

In Donald Trump’s case his ego driven need for action is particularly extraordinary. Out of a weird confluence of political circumstances his ego/action drive has lead him to the presidency by employing the only sorts of illegal means open to a man of his extremely limited natural or practiced abilities.

It is hard to believe that when men, men of extraordinary accomplishment who have seen Trump up close and judge him to be a moron; it is, indeed, hard to believe that such a man as moronic Donald J. Trump could ever have begun to rise to such heights without first having his father’s half a billion dollar fortune to keep him afloat as a “businessman” and showboat.

And as we now know after numerous bankruptcies and having burned though his inherited fortune, Trump was compelled as a last resort to seek Russian funding for return favors. At first it was money-laundering services that Trump provided, and later as president it was handing to Putin whatever international advantage was within Trump’s power to offer him as an American president.

So how does Americas rid itself of this contrivance of destruction? For the Republicans they are fearful of what needs doing to save the nation from Trump’s kiss of death because they must do so in a way that minimizes their loss of political power. For the Democrats they must go about extracting Trump from his position of great influence in a way not to be seen as simply a crass power grab.

Fortunately for the rule of law, along with what is special about America, both federal and state prosecuting attorneys have been carefully and patiently weaving a massive legal web of airtight facts that should soon render this mass of destruction, previously know as the Donald, relatively inoperable. Trump’s bullshit marathon has about run its course and so, too, has his army of MAGA hats, as they come to realize that his act of strength is nothing more than a pathetic mirage. Mexico ain’t paying for no darn wall and neither are America’s tax payers — ever.

It’s over Donny boy. Your matching orange jumpsuit has been ordered and cell reservations arranged. So say goodbye to the White House and Trump Tower and the glitzy life style that went with them. Your action days are over, man.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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