Trump and His Fanatical Followers Are Pure Destruction

As is so often the case with fanatics there seems to be something of a kamikaze element of self-destruction rapped up in their chaotic causes. It’s this way, folks, we humans are creatures driven by nature’s mandate for action — any sort of action will do in a pinch.

If one posses positive energy and reasonable ability one tends to engage in activities that are beneficial to family, friends and society in general. If on the other hand one is of a crude construction and limited ability one hurries to latch on to any cause that will have them — usually an endeavor of hate, violence and eventual total destruction.

Of course there is always an element of highly intelligent folks possessed of much creative ability that just can’t resist the lure of wealth and power via socially destructive means, but these folks are not classic true believer types, ones that most threaten social stability.

Over the years about a third of Americans have fallen into this destructive faction. But what makes this ilk so noticeable, more recently, is that such violent malcontents have migrated to a single political party, being cheered on by a right wing media for big bucks. Yes, folks, there is big money and political power to be gained by pandering to the nation’s reptilian mindset.

The real horror is that while America’s destructive element represents less than half the nation’s citizens their willingness to employee whatever methods are needed to gain their ends makes them an existential threat to America’s experiment in democracy — bribery, corruptions and limitless means of intimidation, including murder, are their weapons of choice. Indeed, if they don’t like an election result they simply pepper election officials with death threats and maneuver in ways so as to allow them to overturn future election results that fail to suit their purpose. The old Nazi Brown Shirts would be impressed.

Is it any wonder then that these destructive ones have rallied around Donald John Trump, a man who enjoys kissing up to the world’s most ruthless authoritarians while at once disparaging America’s most trusted allies. Birds of a feather do flock together.

One again, one of the driving factors to cause millions of American to rally around a pathological liar, one that kills all he touches — Trump‘s father’s 400 million dollar fortune squandered along with the bankruptcy of Trump Casinos, Trump Airlines, Trump Water, Trump Stakes, Trump University, for which he was forced to pay his scammed victims 25 million bucks and then most sadly hundreds of thousand of COVID victims that died needlessly because he happy talked a virus he knew to be deadly — is that many see in his destructive need for action a grand version of their own inability for creative action. And so at present it is the Donald that sits atop this American pyramid of know-nothing, anti-science, anti-intellectualism that is awash in varying intensities of racism.

In fact in their need for some sort of mindless action these threatening cranks would rather blow up the world’s greatest democracy than see it morph into a true multicultural democracy. That, alas, is a large part of their perverted brand of action.

The bottom line is that along with racism and all its tribal elements, the desperate need for some folks of limited ability to unleash nature’s mandate for action causes them to react in ways that are dangerous to themselves and the rest of us, which is just fine in their demented view — vaccine any one?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!