Trump And The GOP Were Absolutely Right To Push White Tribal Xenophobia For All It’s Worth

If the American voter were a fully rational being, whether or not they were back, Brown or White, today’s Republican’s at every level of politics would be hard pressed to gain 20% of the total vote. This is because Trump and friends have absolutely nothing to offer the average voter. They are in the business of undercutting ordinary citizens for the benefit of their greedy, super rich benefactors.

To this end all the GOP has going for it is voter suppression, gerrymandering and a mountain of lies in support of its White tribal xenophobia. So of course it would have been foolish for Trump to push the idea of a booming economy that favors the wealthy and is working off the momentum of eight years of the Obama rescue mission, a huge tax cut for Wall Street and the Chinese spending like crazy ahead of a possible trade war.

Republicans even voted some sixty time to end Obama care with its coverage of preconditions and came within one vote of pulling it off only to turn around at the last minute prior to the midterm elections, claiming to support preconditioned coverage. When you push White xenophobia you can get away with such nonsensical lies.

Yes, indeed, the sweet spot of the Republican offering remains White xenophobia. Like all salesman /con artist types Trump doesn’t sweat the truth or the small stuff. He just goes straight for the jugular. Without GOP pushed White xenophobia all branches of government would be tightly in the hands of Democrats and Independents.

For those who say that the Republican base will continue to shrink if they do not try to enlarge it by appealing to minorities, they are missing the point. That would mean that the GOP would have to completely reverse its current mandate of serving only the rich and powerful via the slight of hand of applying xenophobic measures to the less sophisticate segment of White America. It may be a shortsighted approach, but that is the nature of unscrupulous politicians and the greedy.

It you have no conscience or sense of fair play and don’t give a rat’s ass about a united America and are only interested in piling up wealth and power by any means possible as a purely egocentric being, then the GOP is your natural political home.

The GOP is forever pushing its smokescreen of freedom and free enterprise, saying that to engage in any deviation from this message is dastardly socialism. But the GOP is not pushing free enterprise. It is pushing a toxic brew of predatory, monopolistic capitalism. It wants to privatize everything in sight (prisons, the post office, whatever) on behalf of the well connected so that they can take control and jack up prices as insurance companies do with healthcare.

So say the Republicans: We tell you, White America, that the nation still belongs to you — you, salt of the earth people — as we transfer any future good life you may have had to our employers, and as long as we keep playing upon your fears and biases we know you won’t care one iota. You will just keep on happily yelling, screaming and laughing under those red MAGA hats as your ship slowly sinks out of sight.

In a quick digression here, it looks like third party liberals are once again winning another one for the Republicans as the Green Party in Arizona is taking away just enough votes from Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to hand the Senate seat to Republican Martha McSally. With friends like this, who needs Republican efforts to lose?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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