Trump Is Finally Approaching The End Of The Line

Both karma and probability balance (the latter being the ultimate law of the universe) have a way of doing radical reversals and Trump’s reversal of fortune is coming hard and soon.

For example, from about 1933 to 1942 Germany and Nazism were riding high. By 1945, however, German cities hand been reduced to smoking ruins and much the Reich’s young men were buried all over Europe. The German leadership was either dead or prisoners and Hitler had blown his brains out. Yes, reversals can be devastating as Trump is about to find out.

For most of his adult life, as a businessman, somehow the Donald has managed to do one dumb thing after the other in the most obnoxious of ways possible and still appear to prosper despite failure after dismal failure. He is after all the bankruptcy king. This is because with his super con, BS nature he has always been able to find some gullible financial institution or other to keep him afloat. But now it has gotten to point where the only thing that stands between Trump and the poor house is the “generosity” of his old pal Vladimir Putin.

Unfortunately for Trump he only has value to Putin for as long as he retains the presidency, which is quite ironic because running for the presidency and then winning, of all things, will have proven to be his fatal step in life. Of course he never really wanted to be president and was convinced that such a dreadful thing was not possible. But it did happen, and now he is, after years of skating free of one disaster after the other, doomed.

As the childish ham that he is, Trump just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of placing his ugly mug in the political limelight; to strut about the stage belittling other pols and basking in the adulation of those lost souls who fell for his phony businessman façade — the guy who can get Washington to do right.

Now, as a clueless president, Trump had clumsily placed himself above a legal trapdoor from which there is no escape. That door will soon open, dropping him into Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s perjury-engendering machine that will chop up his lifetime of stupidity and lies in ways that will finally preclude recovery. At that point neither Putin nor any other person of substantial importance on the face of the earth will give a crap about him — the end.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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