Trump Is Not The Problem Trump Voters Are The Problem

Yes, I’m getting to the point where each new article I write is some sort of revised or extended version of one of my previous pieces. As I wrote not too long ago the great sea change in American politics isn’t that the people of the United States have, on average, gotten more infantile and moronic, rather its that the know-nothings over the last 30 years, and particularly since the election our first Black president, have been encouraged to fill the ranks of a single major political party.

Indeed, the Archie Bunkers of the Republican Party have united with the Archie Bunkers and Dixiecrats of the old Democratic Party to form the radical base of the new Republican Party. This latest American political formation with its own pandering alt-right propaganda organs of Fox News and “conservative” talk radio (for big bucks) has become a novel power in the land that is undercutting America’s position in the world on many levels.

Thirty-five to forty percent of Americans have always been unproductive nihilist, however, being on the political sidelines and pretty much evenly distributed between the two major political parties they were for many years electorally marginalized, receiving little attention except for their most treacherous activities.

Now, it would seem, the malcontents, those who see their lives as irreparably spoiled, are united, realizing that at last they have the clout to bring down others whose lives are of substance and accomplishment. Yes, these folks have little interest in good governance. Quite to the contrary, with lives that they see as hopelessly beyond repair, sabotage of the system upon which they blame their sorry condition is their primary desire.

And so the more outrage and counter productive and generally evil they see Trump act, the more they love him. He is their current weapon of choice against those who live good and fulfilling lives, even if they don’t happen to be particularly wealthy.

And since hatred, especially self-hatred, is the most powerful of unifying agents, it is going to be a desperate struggle for the so often fractured progressive armies to defeat the forces of malevolent destruction. Moreover, their will always be politicians of a scummy nature to take up and lead the malcontents’ cause, even if Trump ends up behind bars or is otherwise deposed. Alas, Trump is not the problem only the highly visible symptom of the underlying problem that has emerged to infect our nation.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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