Trump Is The Ultimate Can’t Fail Parasite

It drives me crazy when I hear otherwise sophisticated news personalities offhandedly refer to Donald Trump as a successful businessman. This is one of the greatest distortions of all times. Everything Trump touches turns to crap. He is not a businessman in any true sense of the word. He is a ruthless parasitic creature that bores into individuals and large financial entities in such a way that they must find some means of keeping him afloat, for if he goes down he has it so arranged that he will take them down with him. That is why Wall Street looks down on the Donald with such abhorrence.

There is in the southwestern United States and other parts of the globe what is called a Tarantula Hawk. This rather sizeable wasp, either all black or black with bright orange wings, can inflict one of the most painful stings of any insect in the world. What the female does is inject her ample stinger into a large fuzzy looking Tarantula spider, not killing the spider but permanently paralyzing it. The wasp then inserts an egg into the abdomen of the spider that hatches and feeds off the spider’s body until it is grown and the wasp’s life cycle begins anew.

Trump is very much like the Tarantula Hawk. He bores into people and businesses, paralyzing them and feeding off of them in ways that they find hard to get away. Trump’s latest and perhaps greatest victim is the GOP. He swooped in and paralyzed it during the Republican presidential primary, and no matter what the GOP establishment tried to do get rid of him, it simply could not shake him away.

And as is always the case with those who find themselves stung by the Donald, if Trump goes down his victim will go down, only in this case it is not a person or business but rather a major political party that will go down if he goes down. So now we find the poor GOP in the parasitic grip of a president on the precipice of impeachment. This is a situation that dictates that if the Republicans dare to act with courage, fidelity and integrity and put country ahead of party and power, they will lose big time. Will Trump survive his self-inflicted fiasco as always before, or is screwing up the presidency finally a bridge too far for even the Teflon Donald?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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