Trump Just Doesn’t Understand Himself

All his life the Donald has ricocheted from one half-baked project to another. Moreover he often makes bold statements approaching the level of insanity only to casually change course an hour or day later, having seemingly completely forgotten his original intent. It is like the man was born with a very rare type of Alzheimer’s memory syndrome.

There have been seemingly endless negative words to describe Trump’s rambling lack of wholesome character, most of them revolving around the word moron.

Except for a con mans ability to charm the naïve and the lowlife of humanity, the Donald’s chaos of incoherent management style has proven disastrous, as one business venture after the other — water, steaks, airlines, schools and of course his tacky casinos — have flopped. This has caused his credit to become so worthless that he is now altogether dependent on criminal enterprises to keep his gaudy lifestyle afloat.

When his monstrous ego caused him to stumble into the presidency, his inherent confusion took a quantum leap for the entire world to see. It is without question for him a bridge too far. Oh, sure, even his backers understand that he is something of an evil genius idiot. They stay with him only because he seems to smack down folks that their foggy expressions of xenophobia deem to be their enemies.

His primary source of income today is turning a blind eye toward money laundering involving his high-end real estate holdings — for which the Russians and other unsavory entities give him a nice cut through a maze of shell companies. This might have lasted indefinitely, but by becoming president it put a huge target on his back. Indeed, it is the sort of white-collar crime that big time wheeler-dealers have been able to get away with for years, but not presidents. Presidents playing at such criminal activities end up with a ravenous beast like Robert Mueller chewing on their tail.

And so the clueless Trump is more confused and fearful of his ultimate fate than ever. He understands nothing, and most of all he doesn’t himself. No wonder the world is baffled by his nutty antics — one crazy scheme after the other to distract from the previous scheme. As the Donald might say, who knew there was no possible way to keep track of all of this crap short of perjury?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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