Trump: Our Absolution President

There are two types of personalities that form the bedrock core supporters of any would be dictator in the modern world. There are the lesser talented that deep down hate democracy — forget the red, white and blue flag fins and hats — because freedom and democracy give them no psychological cover for their shortcomings, which of course greatly offends their primitive egos. And closely associated with this breed are the new poor whose recollection of better times is still vividly imprinted on their soul — those Americans (especially White Americans) who remember their high paying factory jobs of the 50s, 60s and 70s. (The conically poor, on the other hand, having never experience good times are quite a stable bunch not easily stirred by a demagogue’s call for a revolutionary return to the good old days.)

The thing that unites all these discontented folks is a nagging fear that they have somehow failed themselves, their families and friends. And then along comes a bigger than life fellow who offers them total absolution from their real or merely perceived deficiencies. It’s not your fault, he cries out. It those “others” — Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Democrats, the federal government, China, Canada the Jersey Devil, but not you. Just follow me. I will make you whole again. I will drive away all who have ruined your lives. I will build a protective wall around your hearts and souls.

How does this would be despot know how to play upon the heartstrings of the botched ones, because he is one of them. Deep inside he, too, feels that he is a failure, a fraud. That which separates this Trumpish failure, this would be dictator, from his potential flock is his awesome degree of ruthlessness and his ego drive for power and glory.

Hitler was a failed painter who was rejected by a prestigious art academy and attempted suicide on numerous occasions before successfully harnessing his rage against society in a coldblooded political drive for ultimate power over the German people.

In this country the Donald was a gigantic business failure that according to numerous accounts, after his casinos crashed, was in the hole to the tune of four billion dollars. Then he cut a deal (a basic money laundering scheme) with the Russians, and the rest is history. The bottom line is that as long as Trump keeps offering the discontented in American absolution, a cover for their fears, they will go down with the ship for him, even if he should flee to greener pastures.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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