Trump Our Entertainment President — The Jokester

The Roman rulers of old sure knew how to keep the masses on their side — bread and circus. Trump promises lots of bread for the workingman and his words and deeds are a nonstop circus act that Joe average adores.

As a master reality TV personality Trump understands that people are easily bored. The great attraction of reality television is that it hits the audience right between the eyes with the very things that it loves and fears the most — humiliation and revenge. With Trump on the Apprentice he was always rubbing one of his contestant’s face in their shortcomings.

Indeed, Trump loved to humiliate his contestants while simultaneously causing them to have to grovel before him, and of course the audience, exercising a thinly veiled sadistic streak, loved to see him do it. For the viewer of such things, it’s a combination of rubbernecking a car accident and a feeling of relief that there for the grace of God go I.

When many of Trump’s supporters said they wanted change, what they really meant was that they were bored with politics as usual. After eight years of being lead by a highly competent man of flawless character, good intentions and zero scandal, they were looking for someone right off the pages of the National Inquirer. And with his wild and wacky campaign of lies, grade school belittlement of opponents, divisive accusations and tribal warfare, the Donald did not disappoint. The lowbrow segment of the electorate was itching for some excitement — a leader of a three-ring circus — and now they have it.

Donald’s twitter feed is his magic wand for directly bringing his greatest reality show on earth to the people. And so don’t expect his pattern of delivering humiliation and extracting revenge as political weapons to tapper off, as Trump will always be quite certain that the masses find it a fun distraction, particularly when it is aimed at, as Bill O’Reilly is likely to call them, pinhead elites, the institutional professionals.

Never mind that he may cause the end of the world, at least many will go down laughing themselves silly at someone else’s expense, they hope, by the hand of our greatest leader ever, President Donald John Trump, the mean jokester of political theater.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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