“Trump Stokes Fears Of How He’d Handle Real Crisis,” Blares The Politico Headline

This begs the question, what are the primary functions and main attributes required of a president of the United States of America?

As chief operating officer and commander in chief of the nation’s armed forces, cool judgment based on a wealth of general knowledge of how humans and the world works should be the ultimate prerequisite of an American president.

In 1962 the still relatively young war veteran, the very worldly President John F. Kennedy, had these qualities in spades, likely saving the world an enormous nuclear holocaust during the Cuban missile crisis. Since those days the world has only gotten much more complex and dangerous.

This brings us to the mercurial President Trump. If one were to randomly pluck a thousand persons off the street and test them for sound leadership qualities necessary for directing a great democracy, you could bet the ranch that the childish “look at me” Trump would test at the bottom. On the other hand if one were looking for qualities of personality most associated with a maniacal dictator, the Donald would score at the top with flying colors, which is more or less how most psychologist seem to view this president’s aptitudes.

So who’s to blame for putting such a dangerous ditz into the White House? The simple answer is that there is a large slice of the current American electorate that has become conditioned to intense synthetic drama — high emotion. It expects to be entertained by everything in this super charged way, even by its politicians.

Therefore when Donald Trump walked on stage and stood next to serious politicians vying for the Republican nomination, he was already viewed by the nation’s rubes as just the sort of high drama, in you face entertainment guy they had become conditioned to love — the unreality world of reality TV personalities. The other candidates standing around the Donald, like deer caught in headlights compared with Trump’s high octane antics, were viewed as boring stiffs.

As with Trump, these reality TV loving freaks had no interest or understanding of critical policies outside of bumper sticker slogans. They were glued to the TV debates for the personal fireworks that Trump could be expected to unload upon his political rivals — low energy Bush, little Marco. And of course there were those demeaning characterizations of Mexicans and other “others” for Trump’s lowbrow true believers to get excited about.

And so it came about in the general election that when the Republican primary victor came up against a seriously flawed yet will qualified Democratic opponent, the unthinkable happened — Hillary, the nation and Trump were stunned to find that the Donald would be heading for the White House. With the help of Putin, Comey, silly third party voting Democrats and Hillary herself, the nation and the world were suddenly placed in greatly increased jeopardy.

We now find ourselves at the mercy of a leader who only thinks about what others and the world can do for him, whose depth of knowledge upon which to base life or death decisions is zip. Yes, folks, Trump’s rambling tweet mentality is enough to terrify any thinking person.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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