Trump Taking On Big Business Is Like When Hitler Thought He Could Beat The Russians

Sooner or later megalomaniacs like Hitler and Trump become convinced that they are omnipotent. After all they keep doing things that generals and political advisors say is impossible, and they get drunk on their own good luck. We have heard it all before — even before Trump.

I know more than my generals, said Hitler. I beat Poland, the Low Countries and France in a cakewalk. All it takes is my nerve and will, and no one can stop me, surely not the Russian Bear. Look, the people love me.

It’s like the last hurrah of a fevered mind of self-doubt that is terrified of failure. It kind of wants to fail just so the agonizing anticipation of it will stop eating it up, so it keeps raising the anti until the game does come crashing to a merciful end.

Or perhaps Trump feels that if he can just bend corporate America to his will, it means that he’s so overpoweringly awesome that he can even defeat Mueller and the rest of the nation’s institutions.

You do know that he won the greatest political victory in history, don’t you? Someday he may tell us about that, but then again he’s probably way too modest for that.

At least Miss Piggy is still going along with him at her daily press briefings. How’s she so lucky to get that job? Wait, is her face beginning to melt? In any event, it appears that Trump world is about to go all supernova. Even Putin may want to be far away when that happens.

Well, Republican Politicians may be willing to sit around and let Trump wreck the nation, but Wall Street won’t. (That’s its job.) Trump is about to finally hit his limit will tariffs, as the genuine money boys show who is really in charge.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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