Human beings, like all creatures, are designed for action. If they have talent, opportunity and desire they become architects, doctors, scientists carpenters, plumbers or musicians etc. It doesn’t much matter precisely what one does as long as there is some major elements of creative action involved. Even admirals and generals, though they are potential destroyers, the good ones display creative abilities to build and maneuver their weapons of war for virtuous purposes — think of upright men like Eisenhower and Colin Powell. It wasn’t all about destruction with them. They would see themselves as defenders of freedom.

On the other hand men of lesser ability and opportunity who repeatedly fail in life, perhaps because of cognitive or emotional shortcomings, eventually follow a destructive path as a means for exercising their inherent need for action. Indeed, if one can’t build one destroys. The criminal class is full of these sorts, especially the ones who always get caught and end up spending the greater portion of their lives incarcerated. And this brings us to one Donald John Trump.

Dictators and would be dictators are usually failed personalities with an outsized need to feel of some of great importance. I think that an overwhelming number of psychiatrists, when pressed, would agree that our current president overflows with destructive impulses, a man incapable of creative action. Indeed, almost everything the Donald has touched in his personal and business life has failed, from casinos and airlines to selling Trump stakes and sponsoring Trump University. They have all been botched shams of one kind or the other.

The one area of his business adventures that up until now has proven to be a roaring success — among causal minds — is his ability to promote himself as a multimillionaire air, a man of terrific talents and unparalleled success. In other words he is a spectacular con artists, a fact that on occasion he likes to brag about, just as he loves to brag about everything else concerning himself.

But the hard reality is that Trump’s world of glitter is as phony as those old Hollywood western cowboy towns with the false fronts. The Donald makes a living prostituting his celebrity name in gold upon big building, along with gaining income via a maze of shell companies that launder money for the world’s shadiest oligarchs — most likely the main reason he refuses to reveal his tax returns. Moreover, if banks could ever come up with a way of foreclosing on his loans without taking a huge hit themselves, the Donald would be hundreds of million of dollars underwater. The bottom line is that his empire is nothing more than a corrupt, sparkling house of cards, which if he can’t find a way to prevent Robert Mueller, the special investigator looking into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia, from doing his investigative work, our president will end up exposed for all the world to see.

So how did it come to pass that little Donald Trump ended up a destructive flimflam man? Some would say that the psychological underpinning of his petty viciousness might well be traced back to his idolized older brother Fred, who in the eyes of Trump’s hard driving father, Fred Senior, and the rest of the family saw as the rising family star. Unfortunately the handsome, gregarious eldest child had within him a self-destructive streak, causing him to be consumed by alcohol and die young in 1981. Because of Fred’s demise involving alcohol, Donald has always avoided booze, forcing his destructive tendencies to surface in other ways.

Those who study the human condition understand that nature usually arranges it so that parents, without being aware of it, most often put the bulk of their hopes and dream and asserts into their first born, especially if it’s a boy, with the rest of the offspring being held in reserve. Younger siblings often pick up on this second-class status, generating resentment within them. Perhaps this formed the basis of the Donald’s inferiority complex to where he constantly feels compelled to promote himself as the greatest ever with infantile gestures and words.

In any event Trump was somehow caused to act up with impetuous, unproductive outbursts, causing his father to ship him off to a military academy in hopes of it giving him discipline and direction. It is debatable how much good the regimented life style did for him, as the Donald has remained impetuous and moody his entire life.

Moreover, Trump finds himself repeatedly drawn to sinister personalities — as with the likes of Mr. Putin, while showing great resentment toward men of upright character such as President Obama, which of course Trump never misses an opportunity to besmirch his predecessor’s character. In respect to being drawn to vile things, Trump’s underlying and often quite overt meanness comes in the form of his one time mentor and close friend, the infamously sleazy and most ruthless lawyer, Roy Cohn. As has often been written the Donald learned much underhandedness from disgraced Senator Joseph McCarthy’s one time right-hand man. When Roy was in his heyday he was one of the most feared hit man of the legal profession. There was nothing too despicable that old Roy would not do to win a case. His clientele were among the worst of society, but only if they could afford his high fee. Yet Trump was always of a cutthroat nature. Roy just provided a finishing school affect in that regard.

As president, Donald Trump is in his ultimate glory. There is no end to the ways and extent to which he can inflict sadistic pain and grief upon individuals, groups of peoples, institutions and nations, particularly his own nation. He has enfolded his tentacles around the Republican Party and is slowly squeezing it to death, as its leaders attempt to project adoring smiles toward him while succumbing to his appalling machinations, leading party operatives this way and that, constantly tripping them and the government up with inexplicable tweets and deeds.

Meanwhile he demands absolute loyalty of others as he pits various factions of his staff against one another, just to enjoy watching the misery it causes, or fires folks on a whim. But it’s not merely his staff he relishes torturing. Making fun of and castigating world leaders who are not pitiless dictators he finds to be particularly good sport. It has become quite evident that in Trump world there are neither partners nor allies. He is a one-man band of chaos, the definitive disrupter of things helpful and decent.

And like Trump there’s always a significant portion of society that is drawn to his style of meanness and chaos, as was often evident during Trump’s campaign rallies. His followers loved it when he snarled “get them out of here.” In fact those of self-loathing have an insatiably prerequisite to export there own despised feelings of inferiority upon others no less so than does their hero Trump. They are all as one with him and his perseverance for pulling down the world order though hate and violence. Trump, indeed, is riding high on his wave of intended destruction.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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