Trump The Intimidator Who Destroys Everything And Everyone He Touches

Anyone with an ounce of moral integrity knows what Trump is about — Trump period. He may not know a thing about policy, or about how government is supposed to work — a virtual moron, indeed, caring not a whit about such things. But he is no doubt a cunning genius when it comes to creating chaos for profit at the expense of others — a thug.

He is in fact what much of the GOP has become over the last thirty years. The only difference being his in your face tactical used of xenophobia, playing off groups against one another for power and profit.

Originally the GOP establishment hated Trump’s crude methods. But since their own, not all that subtle, use of the same appeal to fear and hatred of the “other” had build up a powerful base of xenophobes who loved the Donald, they decided what the heck.

Since Trump, however, has made himself too big to fail within the GOP, it ended up really having little choice but to play along with the tweet king, especially as Trump was giving them what they wanted anyway — stiffing the average American so as to profit the most greedy among the super rich, the GOP’s benefactors.

Of course the GOP establishment understands Trump’s practice of bringing ruin to those around him, so it supports him wholeheartedly, but with great trepidation for themselves and the nation (mostly themselves as they have often demonstrated little compunction to throw the nation under the bus for gaining and holding power).

And so here we are with the GOP riding the tiger’s back as he undermines our security services, besmirches the reputation of the FBI, tramples over the rule of law and throws the doors wide open for the Russians to see our most vital secrets — the Trumpster being the best operative the Russians have ever created, and with the GOP’s assistance to boot.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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