Trump: The Invincible Bullshit King

If ever there were a fatal flaw in humanity, Donald John (President) Trump has found it and exploited it in spades. The man makes little effort to succeed in his life’s adventures, instead he’s simply become the master at calling black white or any other color he cares to name at some point in time. And yet millions of reasonably intelligent folks including duped bankers and investors have been willing, until double-crossed or financially ruined (which seems from his track record to be inevitable), to go along with him.

Many others, however, look upon the Donald’s child like exaggerations and fibs and wonder how anyone could possibly take him seriously. The only conclusion that can be had from this great divergent of public perception of Trump is that half the world lives a fact based life and the other half lives in some sort of la la land in which Trump and his kind are its kings.

From Politico Magazine, in an article by Michael Kruse, here is a partial list of things that by any standard but Trump’s weird bullshit pronouncements, and the true believers who support him, would be considered abject failures

He flopped as an owner of a professional football team, effectively killing not only his own franchise but the league as a whole. He blew up his first marriage, married his mistress, and then divorced her, too. He bankrupted his casinos five times over the course of nearly 20 years. His eponymous airline existed for less than three years and ended up almost a quarter of a billion dollars in debt. And he has slapped his surname on a practically never-ending sequence of duds and scams (Trump Ice bottled water, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump University — for which he settled a class-action fraud lawsuit earlier this year for $25 million). Other risk-taking businessmen might periodically cop to falling short while pivoting to what’s next. Not Trump. He has dealt with his roster of losses largely by refusing to acknowledge them as anything other than wins.

But this all came about in Trump World where the Donald was lord and master and his employees and family had no choice but to swallow and accept his bizarre management style. Now, as president of the most powerful nation on earth, can Trump get away with this sophomoric, haphazard way of running things? Will powerful domestic and foreign leaders knuckle under to his whims in ways that he has become accustomed his entire life? After all here is a man as brilliant at manipulating the hopes and dreams of Joe six-pack, as he is stupid of basic facts — of everything.

Until we ever see Trump’s full tax returns we will never know the extent to which his “empire” is a shaky house of cards, which his numerous failures would seem to indicate. Indeed, one has a sense that Trump’s wealth is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme with the latest borrowings barely enough to cover past forfeitures. One might then suppose that the ultimate question is will Trump wreck the world before the world wrecks Trump? This presidency gig should turn out to be the acid test of his bullshit invincibility.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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