Trump: The Man Who Hates Everything And Everyone — But It’s Himself He Hates Most Of All

It doesn’t require a highly trained expert to understand that Donald John Trump is a broken carcass of a man. A casual student of the human condition will readily observe this of the Donald. He sees how Trump screams it from every pore of his being. Self-loathing is an unbearable burden. Hate must be exported, thrust upon others as a means of survival. Indeed, it is those others who Trump must comprehend to be the evil ones.

Trump is likely the first American president craving to build his presidency upon pure hatred. Hardly had he completed his grand entrance of his political campaign down the golden escalator of his 5th Avenue Trump Tower residence when he began howling about Mexican rapists and murderers and Muslim terrorists.

Trump hates everything including the environment, which he is already taking great delight in despoiling as fast as he can. Even those he initially praises like Vladimir Putin he eventually turns on. Yes, while he demands total loyalty from others his finds others easily disposable.

Trump is an overwhelming force for vengeance and destruction. Because of the universal law of probability balance, however, there is always some sort of positive offset to the negative. Thus Trump tries to project himself as a great builder. But of course it’s mostly a sham. Trump’s “empire” is built entirely upon the toil and money of others. His greatest instinctive talent rests upon shedding blame and taking credit for any and everything — the talent of a master bullshit salesman/con artist.

In the middle of the last century there was another force for destructive evil that fancied himself a great builder. He built the world’s first modern super highway system, the autobahn. But at heart these types are not creators they are in fact engaged in a lifelong suicide missions. And as misery loves company they end up mass murderers along the road to their own final demise — crushing enemies and allies alike. It has been estimated that the unmentionable one of yesteryears was, in the end, responsible for the deaths of some sixty million tormented souls.

There is nothing more dangerous on the face of the earth than a self-loathing personality that has worked itself into a position of great power. It allows for a monstrously wounded ego to exact revenge upon a world that it fiercely despises, causing other self-loathers to rally to it despicable mission of annihilation.

Suddenly, it is as if the malevolent side of nature has been waiting hundreds of thousands of year for the Donald to come along and do his thing, one capable of unleashing the final offset of human creativity. Hate is a many destructive thing.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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