Trump — The Reincarnation Of Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn was one of the most despicable human beings ever to practice law until he was finally disbarred. If you were a routinely nasty person in search of a ruthless, no holds bared, pit bull lawyer to fight for you — then Roy Cohn was your guy. Mobsters loved him, conservatives loved him, tax evaders loved him and certain lowlife politicians like commie baiting Senator Joseph McCarthy loved him.

For many years Cohn represented the sleazy dealing of Donald Trump. But Roy boy was far more than just a lawyer to Trump and his shortcut business dealings. Roy was a soul mate mentor, a second father, only of a like kind in this rendition. After Roy died and Trump was looking for support it has been reported that Trump cried out, where’s my Roy Cohn. They naturally shared the same unscrupulous traits and for that reason it was said that Trump actually loved the Devil Cohn. But in true cruel Cohn fashion, when Roy’s luck finally ran out, Trump turned his back on him.

Rules meant nothing to neither of them. They saw themselves as being above the law and could not be shamed over anything. They both lied as a badge of honor; they were exceedingly ruthless coming up just short of ordering someone killed. And yet, they both carried on as though it was they who were the victims in their endless escapades.

They were not stupid, but rather exceedingly lazy and hopelessly disorganized. So it was perhaps the greatest lessen that Trump learned from Cohn was that getting ahead in life didn’t require study or brilliance. You just had to act as though nothing and no one could beat you — fearless intimidation was the name of the game — 99 out of a 100 folks can’t begin to play that game. They wilt on the spot before it. Think about the way Trump wildly charged into his Republican gentlemen competition on his way to gaining the Republican nomination up on the debate stage. His shock and awe made W’s shock and awe in Iraq look like child’s play.

His tactics, name-calling putdowns and vicious tweets of folks, placed the entire GOP on notice that he was not to be trifled with for any reason. Obviously Republicans got the message of who was their boss and have fallen stiffly into line ever since his unorthodox political debut.

While some actually think Trump is stupid and knows little to nothing about anything, he is something of a genius when it comes to knocking down whatever it is that stands in his way. All would be strong men share this innate ability. Notice how piece-by-piece Trump has decapitated the nations governmental institutions starting with perhaps the most important move, placing William Barr in the critical role of Attorney General, a move that also partly paralyzes the FBI.

Basically Trump just keeps on reshuffling the deck of government until he gets exactly what he wants, and we all know by now exactly what he wants, his own way unchallenged.

And so our democracy is in a race to the 2020 election. Meaning, can Trump gain enough personal power before the election so that he can cancel it. If he pulls that off, he will indeed have exceeded his mentor Roy Cohn. He will in fact have become a super Roy Cohn — destroyer of nations.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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