Somewhere in my Medium commenting I referred to President Trump as the Manchurian Candidate. Obviously that was wrong. No, my friends, he is very definitely Putin’s, modern Day Siberian Candidate.

Sure when his staff pushes him hard they can briefly overpower the Russian imprinted program that runs around inside the orange one’s head on an endless loop. But then you can see the enemy mind program fighting to regain control, as Trump crosses his arms defiantly under the questioning of press for clarification and he reverses his position for the thousandth time.

So look, gals and guys, it’s time to quit playing around the edges about this spy thing. With a guy like Trump the Russians don’t need to depend on pee, pee tapes or huge loans to perfectly control him. He is the Siberian Candidate — period.

There may be no proof of this at the moment, but I’m sure of three things. First, that the Russians have developed very sophisticated mind control techniques over many decades. Second, that they would not hesitate to use such techniques. And third, that with a careless guy like Trump they would have had ample opportunity over many years to whisk him away for some private hypnotic type programing sessions. There would not have been anything remotely difficult about any of this a few years back.

They knew that in Trump they had an egotistical gadfly who was always toying with the notion of running for president. Moreover he was a weak-minded chump who could easily be programed and seriously pushed in the direction of running for president. Therefore, long shot or not, being so easy a mark, the Donald was worth the effort.

The only problem with saying all this, is saying it without proof, except that everyday Trump says and does inexplicable things that make it so obvious.

Oh, and about questioning the translator. For get it. There is no way that the Russians would go to all the trouble of having Trump push for a one on one meeting with Putin without arranging for the translator to have been compromised as well as the star of the show. Whatever the translator might reveal is just whatever he has been programed to reveal.

In most conspiracy theories the flaw is that hundreds of folks would have had to be in on the scheme. Here only two are necessary to the plot — Trump and his American Translator, and of course the Russians, but none of them are likely to risk their lives to leak, maybe some day.

And so the Russian dupe rolls on with no practical way of keeping him from sabotaging all that is good about America in the short run, with Putin and his pals grinning from ear to ear.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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