Trump: The Sky Is Falling The Sky Is Falling

According to our Chicken Little or The Boy Who Cried Wolf — whatever appropriate nickname one cares to apply to this White House fraud masquerading as president — there is a national crisis at our southern border. Not! Illegal border crossing are at a twenty-five year low, a massive caravan coming up from Central America to invade the US was an election hoax, overwhelmingly drugs flowing from Mexico to the US pass through legal ports of entry not some remote fenceless place and there is no army of terrorists and criminals pushing into the country from the south.

I mean if you just want to come into this country illegally, simply fly in and forget the return trip. Apparently Trump hasn’t caught on to the fact that planes fly over walls — easily.

There is, however, a humanitarian crisis at the boarder where Trump is holding children and asylum seekers hostage to his rhetorical wall ploy.

So, really, why is Trump, the worse negotiator ever, turning the world upside down over a pointless wall? Well like every other haphazard Trump venture, he always ends up getting himself trapped in a dead end road. The wall thing became a campaign applause line that got out of control, and now his crazy backers are holding him to it, except that they can’t of course force Mexico to pay for the wall, as the big mouth one bragged it would.

But, getting real, the wall thing never was about bricks and mortar and steel. It was a meme saying that America is a White country and I, Donald J. Trump, am going to see to it that it remains essentially a White, Christian nation, not like those nasty Democrats that are determined to ruin a good thing for you better people.

Like all dictatorial types Trump has at least one more ace up his sleeve. He can declare a national emergence, as all autocrats are prone to do as a power grabbing strategy, and force the army or some other government agency to make like it is building his “great big, beautiful wall.” This will be the ultimate test of our democracy. If the courts or nothing else can stop him on this issue, then the US will have jointed the world’s other kleptocratic nations of the world — the great experiment in freedom cooked.

As a side issue, did you know that Vice President Pence was a tobacco lobbyist who for years said that cigarettes were harmless? No wonder this slime stick finds it so easy to vouch for Trump’s mountain of lies, when he is not staring aimlessly into space.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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