Trump The Unstable Genius: How He Is Setting Up Conditions For His Profit And The Country’s Worst Possible Crash

Trump is incredibly lazy, thoroughly ruthless, totally selfish and only moderately intelligent at best — a very dangerous combination. These are attributes that allow him to be both controlling and failing all at once, with collateral damaging being the chief outcome of his endeavors.

Moreover, he has been extremely lucky to boot. Born to a rich father, bailed out by nefarious lenders on numerous occasions and assisted to the White House by America’s premier enemies, and, mind you, on top of all of this, having inherited Obama’s rescued and humming economy.

Meanwhile, by plowing through 200 years of political norms he has managed to paralyze America’s democratic institutions to the delight of some on Wall Street. But worst of all he is in the process of completely throwing America under the bus for personal gain to the extent that almost none can now fathom.

Since he realizes that markets react wildly to whatever he says and does, he knows that he is in the catbird seat to use the markets and the economy in general for his personal advantage, or to punish his opponents if nothing else. How you may ask?

Just suppose Trump keeps on threatening China, Mexico, and God knows what other possible countries with punitive trade tariffs (really taxes on American consumers, especially the least wealthy among us, you know the Wal Mart crowd). These moves on their own will naturally depress the stock markets, however, this will also cause the FED to lower rates to counter this drag on markets.

Now markets love rate cuts even more than they fear tariffs, at least in the short run. So picture this. Let’s say that a few months prior to the 2020 election Trump loudly announces that he has negotiated fabulous deals with China, Mexico and others on trade. As a result of these great deals all tariffs have been rescinded. Meanwhile, the FED has made a few rate cuts, so that the combination of rate cuts and tariffs be gone is driving the stock market through the roof on election eve, giving Trump a good chance at winning a second term.

But let’s say all this crazy market rigging of the Donald isn’t enough for him to retain the White House. Oh, my goodness the poor Democrats. After Trump and the GOP, having given Wall Street a huge sugar high tax cut to help prop up an already mature economy, they have in effect already given away the vital reserve money needed to pump up a fallen economy.

Indeed, the economic primer pump will be bone dry when it is most needed. Moreover, since the FED has already cut rates about as low as they can go, it, too, will be out of ammunition when most needed.

Therefore markets and the economy will be cashing with no help available and a Democrat in the White Trump. And so we can look forward in this scenario to Trump and his MAGA hat supporters braying about how terrible things have become for the country since the deep state stole the election. So if you think things are bad now, folks, just wait till 2020.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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