All the political talking heads are spinning in circles. Why would he do these things? Does he owe Russian oligarchs (Putin’s Pals) big bucks? Is it the pee, pee tape thing? Is he afraid that to admit the Russians interfered in the election would be to delegitimize his presidency? I mean why would he throw our allies and his own intelligence agencies under the bus. We just can’t figure this thing out.

Sure they can’t? They bob and they weave desperate to avoid saying what deep down they know is they only thing that truly explains Trump bizarre words and deeds concerning Putin and Russia. A few have walked right up to the edge of the truth, all but leaning far out over the edge, but won’t say. Why, because right now, and possibly forever, it is impossible to prove.

So all wait on Mueller’s report in hopes that he will come up with the smoking gun of Russia’s literal mind control of the orange marvel. Yes, quite a while ago the Putin’s boys, taking the long view, almost assuredly took direct control of Trump’s thinking. As pompous and sloppy as the Donald can be most of the time, getting him alone for a few minutes would have been easy and all that’s initially required to start the ball rolling.

Once under the influence of super effective Russian mind control techniques, periotic reinforcement would be a relatively simple process — phone calls, a few key words placed in news broadcasts. Not to mention a two-hour one on one with Putin. The fact that the idea seems almost too comical to contemplate, let alone speak of, gives it the perfect cover.

In any event, those who are experts on the subject of mind control and hypnosis would say that a con man personality would be an easy target, because, as the saying goes, the easiest person to con is another con.

Indeed, folks, the Donald is a full-fledged Russian agent now. Today’s two-hour debriefing of him by Putin must have been a thing of joy for the Russian.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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