Trump Will Need An Even More Perfect Storm In 2020 To Win Than In 2016.

If events don’t break just right for the Donald in 2020, he could go down in flames winning as few as four backwoods states. He needs the Russians or other hackers to blow apart at least a few state voting systems as well as benefitting from effective voter suppression tactic employed by Republicans in some key battleground states.

Right off the top Trump is in a hole. Politicians, especially presidents, fear overexposure. Trump is an out of control overexposure machine. In 2016 there was sort of an intriguing, mysterious glamour about him. He has since dumb tweeted all that away. His Apprentice days of seemingly this awesome businessman has been blown apart to where he has been revealed to be a phony, a fraud and a big time failure propped up by his father’s and Russian money and a mountain of lies.

Moreover, Trump needs for the Democrats to put together a less than perfect ticket designed to appeal to America’s better angel voters. In my view the best ticket would be Biden / Harris. Any other combination would fail to maximize the interest of older Whites and peoples of color. Sure Joe is past his prime, but where it counts most within the electorate, after the Trump fiasco, Biden is seen as safe.

Some think the Democrats need to nominate the highly intelligent and charismatic Stacey Abrams as vice-president. That I see as a little over the top. Stacey, when she gets wound up, I fear might trigger White tribal impulses, where a more technocratic black like Kamala Harris would not.

The bottom line is that if Trump is not once again favored by a perfect storm, America and the world will at long last awaken from their four year nightmare.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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