Trump World America Is Nothing New

Indeed, Trump World America is nothing new. What is new is that a backward mindset has been funneled over the last thirty years into a single political party (Republican Party) giving it extraordinary power, and that a monster TV reality host — Donald John Trump — has taken control of it for no good purpose.

In fact for thousands of years the world has been divided between the cosmopolitan intellect of great metropolitan regions, where the human mindset is broadly and loosely focused, and the dispersed rural regions, where the human mindset tends to be much more narrowly and tightly focused.

For instance Nazism sprung up in Germany’s more rural region of Bavaria, home of the party’s most intense true believers. Thus it was natural that Hitler hated cosmopolitan Berlin with its international favor and more broadminded and ethically diverse citizenry. To Hitler’s thinking Berlin’s sophistication was debauchery.

It is amazing just how much density of population broadens the mind. It doesn’t mater if it is London, Paris, New York or Los Angeles; folks raised in great metropolitan regions seem to have a much greater national and worldview because of their exposure to peoples of varied cultures and racial backgrounds. It actually effects the way the brain functions.

Yes, the egocentricity of city folks tends to be intellectually modified — significantly broadened, with numerous exceptions, like Trump of course. Conversely in the rural backwash of nations folks are usually much more narrowly and intensely focused upon such things as race, religion and local customs and governance. They see folks in the cities and national capital as somehow alien outsiders — the “other. “

It is therefore a bit ironic and amusing to hear folks of a rural mindset proclaiming their selves to be White nationalists. Yes, they are obviously White but definitely not nationalist. What they really mean is that they are against any, and all, who are sophisticatedly broadminded.

The bottom line is that America is not only geographically divided as to density of population — a sort of country vs. city mindset — but also the nation has over recent times become totally realigned politically so as to match the physical and mental separation. In other words a very powerful 35% of America now live in totally insulated Trump World and there is little the Republican establishment or the country at large can do about it. National gridlock and confrontation is upon us with no good end in sight.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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