Trumpism Is Tribalism And A Bunch Of Other Primitive Impulses Rolled Into A Ball Of Stupidity

Kitanya Harrison wrote, “Nearly all of Trump’s supporters are acting against their own best interests. To reach for a…fable: They are like the scorpion [that] stings the frog that agreed to carry him across the river. They both drown. Whatever satisfaction the scorpion gets from stinging the frog is more important than his own self-preservation. The real question is whether or not enough White Americans can stop behaving like scorpions to give their country a chance.”

The answer sadly is most likely no. Human ingenuity has created many marvelous things since Roman times, but the human psyche has changed not a bit. It is still bread and circus that sustains the masses. On Trump’s behalf it is — as of now — healthy 401Ks, (the bread) and the president’s entertaining act — his reality TV show con — (the circus) that has the public headed for eventual hurt.

The stark reality is that like it or not America is now a full-blown multicultural nation. If Whites remain committed to keeping people of color “in their place. “ then American democracy has no chance. Thus, even if Biden manages to squeeze out a win this time, dictatorship is near over the horizon.

Trump has crippled America’s democratic institutions, the massive right-wing media has distorted all sense of reality for millions, the courts are in control of the wealthy elite and the Senate will be gridlocked by special interests as well.

The bottom line is that to the masses democracy is a vague abstraction trampled over by their daily lives. They haven’t the broad foundation of knowledge required to appreciate democratic ideals. Only after they have plunge into the hell whole of an all-out dictatorship will they begin to understand what they have willingly lost.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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