Trump’s Ingenious And Diabolical Plan To Blow Up The Republican Party

Some years back Donald Trump calmly and rationally talked about the fact that the Republican Party could not possibly secure the White House without gaining a significant portion of the Hispanic vote — precisely the opposite strategy that he is currently employing.

Trump also knew, but refrained from articulating the fact, that 70% of the Republican Party, its base, and 10% of Democrats would eat up anything bad said about Mexicans, Hispanics in general, Moslems, Obama and Hillary.

The first part of his plan to lead the Republicans down the rabbit hole of defeat was his birther campaign against President Obama. Over and over again he said he was not sure that Obama was an American. Maybe he was Kenyan — hinting that perhaps he was part of some sinister plan to destroy America.

Trump of course understood that this line of attack would endear him to the Republican establishment and even more so with that party’s base, the base making up about 25% of the American electorate.

This was his ticket to being accepted by the Republican Party as one of its official candidates for president. Sure the Donald was a lose cannon, but as such the establishment saw him as no real threat to win the nomination, and what’s more his celebrity status would help spike the TV rating of the debates. It all seemed so easy and innocent.

But then came the actual debates, and like someone throwing the switch to the electric chair Trump unleashed his hell upon the party’s chances for success by driving a wedge between the Wall Street establishment wing of the party and its huge anti Wall Street base.

He trashed the establishment’s golden boys “little Marco” and “low energy Jeb” while quickly belittling the rest of the party’s hopefuls into submission. Moreover to the horror of the establishment and to the delight of the base, Trump commenced attacking Mexicans as murders and rapists. It was political blitzkrieg. With breathtaking speed the Donald destroyed his opposition and put the party powers to be at his mercy. Like it or not they were his bitches. He was in complete control.

Twisting helplessly in the wind the establishment floundered to try without success to rid itself of Trump. But it was hopelessly trapped. All it could do was pray that Trump would pivot away from his destructive ways. But each time it got it hopes up, the Donald would smash them with another racist rant — mostly directed against a highly revered judge of Mexican ancestry who was in charge of the lawsuit against “Trump University.”

When breaking down the numbers, roughly 10% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans are guaranteed Trump voters, they, representing America’s violent strain — only about 35% of the total electorate. Meaning Trump has turned 65% of America’s voters decidedly against the Republican Party. And if the Trump blight upon the party undercuts Republican down ballet candidates, it will end up being a political disaster of epic proportion.

This all begs two questions. Why is Trump risking his corporate brand to wipeout the Republican Party? Even more puzzling, why are the nation’s political reporters and taking heads so obvious to the fact that Trump hasn’t the slightest interest in winning anything, but rather destroying a major political party — the Republican Party.

I mean, is this, for Trump, all about building a new party for himself on the ashes of an old party? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question here— not which party will next occupy the White House.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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