Trump’s Loosing Constituency In This Political Cycle might Be The Winning Electorate In The Next Cycle

If I’m right about Trump’s true goal being to shatter the Republican Party and form his own party out of one of its biggest pieces, which becomes more and more evident everyday, then I believe he may end up with a winning majority on the next go around.

As I see it, Joe Six-Pack and Dizzy-Lizzie make up somewhere between 35 and 40 percent of the total American electorate. This rabble is driven by a combination of tribalism, nationalism, bigotry and naiveté, much of it spiced with a tendency toward violence.

They are Trump’s hardcore supporters. The group he continues pandering to despite Republican establishment leaders like Speaker Ryan pleading that he widen his appeal to include more traditional conservative Republicans.

From Trump’s long-term perspective, however, that would be a complete waste. Such folks aren’t going to follow him to his new party. They will not help his new party become the majority party, once he has caused the traditional Republicans Party to go down with him in flames.

Thus for now, expect his twin strategy to be to continue to pander to his true believers who will eventually form the basis of his new party, while at once turning off all others and thus shattering the nation’s long established political dynamic as the GOP crumbles into divergent parts.

Following this GOP election fiasco, Trump will keep hammering home to his true believer followers (backed up by the Fox News and right-wing talk radio propaganda machine) that the election was rigged, that they and he were robbed. Out of this resentment Trump will build his new party of reactionary extremists, cheered on by Rush and Sean.

The end result could break down this way. The traditional Wall Street Republican Party might attract 20 percent of the voters, progressive Democrats 32 percent, libertarians and other odds and ends parties 13 percent and Trump’s America First Party a winning 35 percent. This would be ironically about the same backing as guess who in Germany last century.

Let us hope that this nightmare scenario never comes to pass, and with Trump in his 70s that is at least one strike against it happening. Unfortunately there is always the possibility of someone younger picking up the Trump mantle.

We all know that Hillary is already unpopular and with the world not about to get less complex, she should be well setup for a thumping by Trump or his stand-in next presidential cycle.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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