Trump’s Political Circus Was At War With The Democratic Machinery Of Governance

The greatest difficulty of a well-ordered democracy in this nation stems from the fact that a large segment of the American citizenry is obsessed by the circus aspect of politics, with little knowledge or interest in the vital machinery of actual governance. Indeed, the real part of a well functioning government isn’t sexy or entertaining. President Trump intensified this problem of a missdirected focus of the electorate by remaining in constant campaign mode, turning a blind eye toward the hard work of actually doing the job of president. With Trump it was show business as usual — incased of course in his pack of lies.

It was a disaster for the nation and the world when this American buffoon managed to slip into the most important power position in the world. For the corporate handlers of their the GOP shills in the House and Senate, it certainly was not a pleasing occurrence when the presidency fell to the mercurial, lazy, corrupt and most incompetent Trump to have do their bidding. But Wall Street decided that if it were stuck with a lemon it had no choice but to try to make lemonade out of the mess.

Thank God that the Trump fresco is finally drawling to a close. Biden won a decisive victory in a well-run election that has proven impossible to overturn. And now that Wall Street has gotten what it wanted out of Trump in the form of a massive corporate tax break and a gang of business oriented judges, it is quite happy to see the Donald headed for the exit, even if he never formally concedes that Biden’s victory was won fair and square.

Moreover, the corporate world knows that its GOP shills have been stressing democracy to the point of danger, and thus it’s time to back off. After all, if their tactics ends up breaking the back of democracy and all collapses, who among the masses are going to have the bucks to buy its products? Thus it was no coincidence that the General Services Administrator, Emily Murphy, finally gave the green light for the administration and its federal agencies to coordinate with the Biden team after the corporate powers issued a letter stating that Biden had won the election and therefore it was time to turn the page and begin the transfer of power.

Unfortunately our democratic institutions of law, fairness and diplomacy, which Trump has branded “the deep state,” have been badly damaged, and no doubt at Putin’s behest the Donald will do even more damage in his remaining days. And so between a Trump enhanced pandemic and its resulting shattered economy (except for the mainly White upper classes) and our battered institutions of democracy, a President Joe Biden will certainly have his work cut out for him.

Hopefully after this massive Trump fiasco corporate America will have learned it lesson and therefore give Senator Mitch McConnell the green light to cooperate with a President Biden in his herculean task of national restoration. Here is where Biden’s years of government experience and fair nature should serve the nation well, especially if the GOP is directed to cooperate with him — meaning that in such a case the war on the machinery of democracy, at least for a time, would be over.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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