Trump’s Racism Is A Most Natural Response Of His Uninhibited Reptilian Impulse

The ego emotional part of our mindset is all balled up in the primitive, reptilian part of our brain. This primitive base is strictly limited to survival and seeking personal advantage at all costs.

When Black people say that all they want is their fair share, the While reptilian impulse automatically sees that a loss for self. If Blacks gain, I lose. The reptilian part cares not a wit about fairness, only advantage. In this instance the advantage of White privilege.

If we are lucky, it is our far more evolved intellect that tries to balance off and override the crude selfishness of our vicious reptilian component. When Jesus preached that we should treat our neighbor, as we would wish to be treated, he was championing the human intellect to rise above our reptilian impulse of me above the “other.”

Compassion, caring, insight and self-awareness are all products of an evolved intellect. The cruse, childish mindset of Donald Trump is a prime example of a never evolved intellect. His reptilian mindset is totally free to ruthlessly seek advantage — to dominate without remorse as it suits his purpose. Indeed, there is nothing in his small, primitive mind that would ever inhibited his natural racism except in rare instances were he might see temporarily burying his racism as some sort of advantageous political ploy.

To varying degrees his most ardent supporters are of a similar mindset, as, too, is the small destructives element floating among the masses of those otherwise peacefully demonstrating against the killing of George Floyd.

Not all Trump supporters are overtly racist. For many, racism lurks unidentified in the back of their mundane minds. Sometimes when this latter type discovers its hidden racism it manages to overtly evolve the intellect in ways that causes it to rise above racism. The lesson here is to never stop learning, and by that I do not mean learning to feed the reptilian beast inside, a beast like which gives the Donald his boundless sadistic pleasures.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!