Trump’s Scam Is Finally Over — Market Crash

On the first day of Trump’s triumphant trip to India, the Donald’s luck has finally run out. At approximately 4:45 this Monday morning, the 24th of February 2020, I dreamed that the stock market crashed. Now, I’m no psychic, but I have been following stock markets for over 50 years, leading me to see a major pull back (or crash) on the horizon for many months. So it’s no surprise to me that my subconscious mind flashed a warning dream to that condition.

And sure enough when I turned on the TV an hour later, it was reported that the Dow futures had been down as much as 800 points. In fact the Russell 2000 peaked months ago and the key NASDAQ stock, Apple (AAPL), has also peaked in recent days. And since much of despicable Trump’s reelection chances rest on the strength of a strong stock market, it looks like his platform for reelection is about to collapse along with a falling market.

Meanwhile, Trump has been pushing the FED to keep instigating polices that stimulate the market during the good times for political reasons, thus using up emergency reserves critical for when things go south.

Indeed, the signs for a market calamity are all over the place. The terror of Wall Street, Bernie Sanders, is surging as the Democratic nominee for president, the Corona virus seems to remain uncontained, consumer and investor confidence are at an all time high (very unnerving) and big money is so desperate for a hiding place in Europe that they are willing to store their wealth in negative rate instruments.

Am I saying the sky is falling — yes — maybe not today or tomorrow, but definitely soon? Sure, lots of folks are going to be hurt for a time, but at least it should flush away much Trumpish and GOP filth that is clogging and contaminating our democracy to the delight of our enemies foreign and domestic.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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