Trump’s Shtick Has Finally Gone Stale

Every movie star, comic and politician instinctively understands the need to walk a fine line between great publicity and overexposure. Staying in the grove with the fickle public depends on it. Heck, even the Donald may comprehend this vital factor when it comes to his reelection.

But as everyone except perhaps his blindest of followers know, Trump is a prisoner of his childish ego (look at me mommy, aren’t I great?), his need for endless adoration and colossal fear of losing, even the smallest of things — the latter likely being the basis for his chronic and exaggerated lying.

You see, in the beginning Trump was such a unique and extremely lucky personality on the political scene that even through for many years he wallowed in the sort of overexposure that would have proven fatal to most other pols, he has manage to hold on to forty plus percent of the country’s support.

When, however, one looks at a political race as if it were the very long Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown, except for the great Secretariat, to win horses need to very carefully pace themselves.

In Trump’s case, because of his bizarre psychological quirks, he has been running full out for reelection since the day he was sworn into office. Indeed, he has done everything but pace his exposure. Pushing aside the hard work of governing required of the presidency for the good of the nation, he has instead spent most of his time and attention, when not watching TV or playing golf, preening before his adoring and clueless fans in campaign mode.

Unfortunately, as indicated by his much-ballyhooed Tulsa rally that flopped bigly and his ever-eroding poll numbers, Trump exposure is now producing nothing but diminishing returns. This is bad for the Donald, but it portends even greater danger for the country, because who knows what crazy stunt this moronic buffoon might attempt in a desperate bid to regain lost enthusiasm for his candidacy.

Meanwhile, his competition for the presidency, old Joe Biden, has been pacing his exposure just right. Therefore when this presidential race rounds into the home stretch Biden can hit the electorate fresh and new while Mr. Me-Me-Me Trump drags his fat, overexposed butt down the track in the wake of Joe’s dust. Horse Shtick!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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