We Are Beginning To Experience What Happens When Someone Who Knows Nothing About Anything Takes Charge Of The US Government — I can do it all

The United States Federal Government (less it politicians) is a massive complexity of highly trained, supper experts working in hundreds of specialty fields — military, national security, trade, energy, diplomacy, finance, economics, law, earth sciences, communication, transportation, agriculture and health — all of it vital to the functioning of a modern super power.

These tens of thousands of technical professionals have the skills to run the government just fine when left alone by politicians looking to interfere with them for political advantage. If and when these experts do actually need help from the politicians they are not shy about asking for it.

At the other extreme of the competency spectrum, it has been written, and there are reams of proof to the claim, that Trump destroys everything he touches. And so when a person of Trump’s bumbling demeanor and minuscule ability — a blowhard moron, a man who thinks he knows way more than all the experts put together, a bankruptcy, gangster king — is placed atop all this expertise as president, you have a recipe for endless disaster.

Take, for instance, the issue of protecting the nation’s health. In his infinite wisdom, a while back Trump decided to go on one of his frequent, and highly erratic, staff trimming binges. (He likes to show that he can throw his weight around.)

“Every year since taking office, Trump has asked for deep cuts into research on emerging diseases — including the CDC’s small center on emerging and “zoonotic” infectious diseases that jump the species barrier from animals to humans. The new coronavirus is just the latest example of these threats.” But the trouble doesn’t stop there, “in 2018 the administration disbanded its own global health security team, which was supposed to make the US more resilient to the threat of epidemics.”

This will cause Trump to have to request billions from Congress in order to reconstitute this sort of vital medical team. Meanwhile, the nation is running blind in trying to combat the Coronavirus. The entire mess is just one small part of Trump’s wrecking ball strategy that he routinely applies to the Federal Government. It being haphazard nonsense that flows from his innate ignorance and self-centeredness.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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