We Do Not Become Fascists We Grow Out Of Being A Fascist — Or Not

Yes, my friends, we are all born fascists. As I have stated to the point of boredom, we are all hardwired with tribal impulses to fear and hate the “other.” Indeed, little kids are egotistical, immature, miniature fascists. Look at me mom; look at me dad, as he or she does a nothing-special jump into the pool.

If, however, they are lucky enough to mature well, developing a finely balanced intellect with empathy, they will rise above their ruthless, reptilian impulses. If not they become some version of baby Trump and his hardcore, misfit followers.

It doesn’t require a genius to understand that Trump is pure selfish emotion, a thoughtless, careless and very impetuous child — outright dangerous — and one who is appreciated only by like kind. Moreover, as with children that witness a complex adult world they cannot comprehend, they see themselves as victims of that world, expressed as the deep state in Trump speak.

It is a supreme telltale sign of a fascist to be emotionally immature with a victim complex. And like when we were children, these types are quick to blame others for their transgressions — Jonny did it mom. Of course with Trump fascists, like those of the same ilk who came before them, they are want to blame minorities for what they see as their spoiled lives, a nasty game played by demagogues, dictators and their adherents from time immemorial.

And therefore when you see folks babbling incoherently about politics, remember that they didn’t become that way over time, they just never grew out of their childish ways of immaturity and self-pity.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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