Well, Jack, it all come down to whether or not one thinks of nature as some sort of pointless randomness, or whether one believe its a complex orchestration by some super entity we call God.

Personally I see our central controlling reptilian ego mind as basically no different than any other other living organism. If they could communicate with us in a way that we could understand, they would, like us, claim to be God’s special creation. Moreover if one observes the workings of the universe one will see that it thrives on balance.

Creation at some point in time is always offset by destruction — stars are born, stars die. At the human level peace is always offset by war and love by hate. None of this reality suits our ego needs; thus we make stuff up to pacify our ego master.

The only thing that causes us to be a little more special than other life forms, but not all that much different than our ape cousins, is our more evolved intellect that sits atop our ego foundation. Basically one’s Ego hates change, can never admit being wrong, insists on hope, thinks it is more special than anything else in the universe (egocentricity) and believes it has a special purpose.

There are only two ways one can override the base ego. The first is to be such a disaster in life that one feels that being dead is the best option and simply wishes to opt out of the whole system. The second is to evolve enough intellect so as to stand somewhat above the ego and thus understand its limitations. Donald Trump is a prime example of one totally unable to rise above his primitive ego, saddling him with a total lack of self-awareness.

In conclusion, even if there is some master directing force in the universe, its ruthless system of balance is totally out of wack with our religious ego fantasies of heaven, love, fairness and peace. Wow! And that’s the short answer.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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