What Does Trump The Cornered Rat Do?

Today in Washington and throughout the nation and the world there were massive protests against the presidency of one Donald J. Trump. So what?

When you are a corner rat like Trump with your finger on the nuclear button, what do you do when the whole world sees though your pack of lies, lies that your entire feeling of self-worth depends upon holding fast, if only in your own fragile mind?

Indeed, if the world at large has Trump figured six ways to Sunday as a total fraud, what can be done to save humanity if reality sends the Donald into a deep depression of a kind that makes him suicidal? It is almost standard procedure that when super ego personalities like Trump end up fatally depressed, they become mass murderers.

For nearly his entire adult life Adolf Hitler was either attempting or contemplating suicide. And as with so many of his ilk, he ended up taking down others in a mass murder episode masquerading as World War Two — a classic example of misery loves company. In Hitler’s case he had some 60 million humans killed before taking poison and shooting himself to death when cornered in his Berlin bunker as the Russians closed upon him.

For all his bluster Trump is really a fragile and broken personality. And, alas, if his twisted mind should entirely snap, he is in position to take all of humanity down with him. This poses a very difficult proposition for Americans and the world. How do you effectively take on the Donald without pushing him over the edge? A trapped rat is a very dangerous animal, and clearly Trump has gotten himself into a corner with little or no room for escape.

Surely confronting and isolating the Donald is going to be a tricky business. Without all the political elements (Republicans and Democrats) and other major institutions of America cooperating as one, it will not be impossible to save us from our national fuckup known as President Trump. If ever some sort of do over was necessary, easing Trump out of the White House without seeing him blow up the world is it.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!