What Drives The Various Shades Of Truth?

For those of advanced intellect capable of near perfect objectivity, they tend to search for long term truths that serve as much of humanity as possible. They also strive to build truths that support an all-inclusive reality. They can often be found on the left center of the political spectrum. They want to drive change and overrun vested interest, but wish to avoid revolutionary minefields.

The total opposite of the near perfect intellect thinker is the pure egotist. The egotist cares nothing about objectivity. The pure egotist cares only about perceived short term self advantage. Whatever they believe that serves one’s best interest becomes in their minds the whole truth and nothing but the truth, at least for the moment that they think it serves them well. They tend to be cruder than average, less educated and sport an obvious inferiority and persecution complex, constantly projecting their own faults on those of real talent and accomplishment.

For the slightly above average persons, and the much more so human beings, they see the egotist as a bit of a shyster, the stereotypical used car salesman — I’m for the people fraud. For the bottom of society’s pecking order, however, the grandest of the grand egotist demagogues, can actually seem as kind of savior/protectors. They shine as someone who can pump them up and hide them from their own shortcomings while pointing out scapegoats responsible for their limited circumstances. These types are addicted to blind truth for which no set of facts can dissuade them from their version of certainty.

Of course there are many shades of intellect/egotist. Currently in American those of a more intellect-based version of the truth seem to outnumber the more egotist version by about a 60%/40% split as reflected in non-Trump supporters vs. Trump supporters. What makes this split in truth types seem so pronounced these days is that most of the egotist leaning truthers have filtered into the GOP, becoming its driving base, or as some would see it, its exploited base. I guess the stab in the back of this ilk goes both ways.

The bottom line is that shades of truth for the intellect and the egotist shall never ever meet.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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