What’s Good For All Of America Is Good For Corporate America

In the long run if both capitalism’s positive economic values and democracy’s ideals are to survive side by side, then a mantra of what is best for all Americans is likewise best for capitalism must become the nation’s meme. Otherwise the greatest country in all history will inevitably devolve into a bloated banana republic featuring a third world infrastructure overseen by a handful of super rich oligarchs. Is that not what’s happen right this minute, all of it overseen by a clueless, destructive leader?

We need to stop this nonsense about capitalism vs. socialism. It’s only the balance of the two that is critical. It must become widely hailed and understood that the two must work together for the benefit of all. We don’t need either pure predatory capitalism or pure paralyzing socialism. A few others in the world have come to see this balance of capitalism and socialism as the key to a fair and effective society. America needs to rise above its egocentrism and go to school on what works. America is not such a God given superior nation that it has nothing to learn from others.

Since currently only the Democrats seem interested in protecting the Constitution, the nation’s laws and democracy itself, then we must expect the Democratic leaders running for the presidency to invent a positive mantra that will save this nation of maximum liberty by pushing the notion of — WHAT IS GOOD FOR ALL AMERICA IS BEST FOR CORPORATE AMERICA.

It will be up to not only politicians and people in general to embrace this fundamental belief system, but perhaps most importantly the titans of Wall Street must also come to see that such a belief system best serves their own self interest in the long run. In other words Wall Street Republicans give up the divide and conquer political system that you bankrolled for short-term advantage, a system that is a cancer upon our multicultural social order.

A few have written that longterm thinking is incompatible with capitalism. They say it is the short-term (quarterly) gain that inspires investors and thus drives capitalism. They may be right. Yet there are a few models that prove otherwise.

In any event, if America’s titans of industry and its political leadership can’t find a sensible and effective social/economic formula that serves the interests of all the people, the nation will eventually come undone.

Currently there are hundreds of billions of dollars piled up on the sidelines of American corporations and the super rich’s overseas bank accounts doing little good for anyone or anything. Okay, so corporations will use much their economic surpluse for buying back stock that will enhance the net worth of some CEOs. But come on guys. Step outside your ego for a time and engage with your political allies to find ways to do good for all. I mean, what would Jesus do, guys? Indeed, there must be a way to inspire a society that is both positively competitive and caring.

Yes indeed, Wall Street, if you want to sell lots of goods and services, then see to it that average American’s live a prosperous and secure life style were they can reasonable afford you offerings. Start by supporting good government that serves all the people and politicians that promote that end.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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