When Did The GOP First Fall In Love With One Of The Planet’s Most Despicable Human Beings — D. J. Trump?

When Mr. Trump first rode down the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his run for the presidency as a Republican, he was as much hated by the Wall Street oligarch backer of the GOP as anyone who had long known the inside story of the Donald’s criminal ways, short of those hoping to profit off of them. The GOP clearly saw Trump as a moronic windbag, and a potentially dangerous one to boot should he ever become president.

So the party led by such Republican stalwarts as Senator Lindsey Graham attacked Trump throughout the Manhattan sleazebag’s run for the Republican nomination. It was not that they feared he might possess an authoritarian personality, which by all indications he does. Fact was that the big money powers to be in the land had long ago given up any interest in a true multicultural democracy, a configuration that could quickly threaten their stranglehold on the nation. Hell, voter suppression, gerrymandering and outright lies echoed by the party’s right wing propaganda machine led by Fox News had long become standard fare for Republicans, except for a few of the more idealistic ones among the bunch.

Indeed, the party big deals didn’t care if he threatened American ideals or its wounded democracy. They just didn’t want him leading the destruction. He was too erratic and impulsive, a lose cannon that might not be able follow the company line.

But then when it was subsequently realized, once Trump stumbled into the White House, that the Fox New devotees, the older White working class wing of the party — the new GOP base — saw Trump as one of their own, word came down from on high to reverse course, so that Trump haters like Senator Graham feel in love with the Donald about as fast as Trump fell in love with “little rocket man,” the ruthless North Korean dictator.

As they say power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. The oligarchs that are currently served without question by GOP and K Street operatives and politicians have been openly greedy without shame. They are out to squeeze every last penny out of average Americans, with many of this ilk because of their xenophobic impulses stoked by Republicans being quite happy to cooperate with their own victimization. You know the fools laughing under their red MAGA hats.

The industrialist powers in Germany tried playing up to a funny little man with a mustache in the 1930s, Mr. Graham, and we all know how things worked out with that nut job of which Trump is a personality clone. So you just keep kissing up to the Donald, but you might want to keep it in mind that there may eventually come a day when there’s an American version of the Nuremberg trials, with you in the hot seat along with the rest of your perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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