When the Political Parties Explode

If and when — more likely when — the Republican Party ruptures, it will be an explosion that rocks the Democrats as well. The fallout will likely produce four major parties. There will be the old fiscal conservative, Capitalist Party, representing Wall Street and the well to do, lead at least in spirit by Mitt Romney; the Fascist Party lead by Donald Trump; the Liberal Party lead by the Clinton’s; and the Socialist Party lead by Senator Sanders. Of course the exact names of said parties might well take some time to shake out.

Most moderate Republicans, what’s left of them, will go with the Capitalists Party along with the NEOCONS (the face of the military industrial complex), some libertarians and a few conservative Democrats.

A large portion, maybe 70%, of the Republican base, many who are evangelical, will form the heart of the Fascist Party, along with perhaps 25% of working-class Democrats and a scattering of libertarians plus a tiny contingent of turncoat far leftist. Oh, and don’t be shocked that after lambasting Trump in the fight to be the Republican standard-bearer for 2016 that it will not be long in coming when Senator Cruz joins forces with Trump’s Fascist. at least for some significant period of time.

The Liberal Party will be composed mainly of the Democratic establishment and its huge minorities following and a smattering of moderate Republicans fed up with Wall Street shenanigans.

The Socialist Party will fill in with the far left, young idealists, the greens and a fast growing cadre of free thinking atheist/agnostics. At least early on this alliance should be the smallest of the four main parties.

Finally it will have come to pass that the American electorate will have been aligned into its natural constituencies. It will be as if the artificially drawn borders of Iraq were to evaporate and the country split into its expected tribal groupings.

The bottom line is that no one can predict the actual effect that this radical political realignment will have on America’s democratic system, or even if democracy will survive. Another lesser mystery will be how partisan news shows like Fox News and MSNBC figure out which groups to back. Perhaps they may feature a variety of hosts backing totally different political entities on the same network, a way to cover all the bases for ratings.

Whatever the outcome of this traumatic political splintering, let’s hope it ends up being more entertaining than terrifying.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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