Where Does Donald J. Trump Come From And Who Is He?

By that intro I don’t mean his basic profile. Most knowledgeable folks realize that the Donald was raised in a well-to-do Queens New York household, the son of real state developer Fred Trump and Scottish immigrant mother Mary Anne Trump.

The thing about Trump is that, except in very superficial ways, he is hardly like either parent. Simply put, Donald Trump was the black sheep of the family. And because neither he nor they were able to emotionally relate strong with one another probably accounts for Trump’s ravenously need for affection and validation.

Too often we automatically assume that an offspring directly shares its parents genes. Genes, however, are a hit or miss things between the generations. Sometimes an offspring will share primarily the same set of genes of one parent or both, and sometimes their genetic makeup reflects mainly genes from way back in the family tree, folks long lost to recent memory.

I mean in Donald’s case his father was known as a hard driving, single-minded energizer bunny type businessman, single dimensional, but thoroughly prepared and focused. The Donald in contrast in slipshod, impetuous, chaotic and lazy in all his life endeavors, causing him a long history of failure after initial meteoric bursts of show.

His mother, raised in abject poverty in Northwestern Scotland the last of ten children, somehow, after migrating to America, managed to develop a simple charm and elegance and a love for fine surroundings. She was well liked by friends and seemed quite charming in a low-keyed sort of way. In some respects one might say that Trump is a crude version of both his parents, yet missing the essence of either one in an alienating way.

Trump tries to copy his hard charging father, but his total lack of focus defeats him at every turn. During his middle adulthood Trump could sometimes exhibit his mother’s charm, but there was always a sadistic undercurrent about him. The bottom line with the Donald is that it would seem he has spent a lifetime trying to be like his parents, those whom he only superficially resembles. Maybe that’s what makes him so mean, he has really never been able to figure out who he is.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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