Who Are The Domestic Oligarchs Who Are Out To Destroy Our American Democracy?

There are super rich cliques that see America’s democratic institutions as impediments to their greed — America’s oligarchs. They have spent a great deal of money buying up members of the government that are overwhelmingly Republicans. They do so in order that the government fails to function as a real democracy.

We hear constantly of Republicans who act as shills for the oligarchs, but darn little about the oligarchs themselves. Ever since Franklin Roosevelt attempted to level the playing field for the little guy Republicans have been shilling for the fat cats, often with a lot of help from Democrats in the past. But currently it’s mostly Republicans that are out to undercut our democracy on behalf of a handful of the super rich, while Democrats struggle to keep our democracy and its ideals afloat.

Indeed, Democrats and Republican are in a do or die fight for America’s soul. Republicans and Trump have resorted to the lowest form of populism in their fight to destroy our Constitutional form of checks and balances government. With unlimited economic resources and a hateful propaganda arm in Fox News and its right wing media satellites, Democrats have a steep climb trying to keep democracy alive in the face of the oligarchic machine.

So I ask again. Just who are these blood sucking oligarchs determined to crush what’s left of our American democracy? We know how they basically operate. They feed their wishes to their wholly owned subsidiary Fox News. Fox then passes such desires to the Republican political operatives in the form of talking points, which then each GOP operative repeats nearly verbatim at every opportunity. And yet the major News media outlets continued to focus on the proxy political wars rather than on those for whom the Republican shills fight and obstruct.

It is in the financial interest of the most wealth that government not function well or better not at all. Thus they back the election of Republicans with the intention of having them gum up the machinery of our democratic processes. When Trump first came on the political seen the moneybags backing the GOP went nuts. They knew that they could not control the Donald. What were they to do.? But then when Trump settled into office unleashing the worst kind of government paralyzing chaos possible, the oligarchs quickly saw the new president as manna from heaven. He was unraveling government in ways they could never have hoped. Thus suddenly word when out to GOP operatives to back Trump full bore. Thus we witnessed Republican leaders the likes of Senators McConnell and Graham turning on a dime from anti Trumpers to lover of the nut job in the White House. Indeed, Trump has turned out to be the inadvertent government killer that the super rich have always dreamed of. They even dispatched one of their best agents, Bill Barr, to assist the president in his dastardly deeds.

No, I’m still in the dark as to exactly who form the controlling core of American oligarchs that suck the economic life out of average Americans. I just hope that someday the American free press, while it’s still free, will shine a bright light on those oligarchic slayers of democracy.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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