Who Said Tim Kaine Was Supposed To Be Boring?

Even by his own words, US Senator and former Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine, said he was boring. Not today. In is rollout as Clinton’s VP he was electrifying down in Miami. His introduction was in stark contrast to the fiasco that was Donald Trump’s rollout of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his VP.

In Cleveland, Trump jabbered about himself for 29 minutes, then said a few words about Pence before walking off the stage with his normal sour look, abandoning his VP choice as so much excess baggage. (The sour walk-off was always one of Hitler’s favorite gestures.)

In contrast to Trump’s seeming disinterest in Governor Pence, Secretary Clinton remained on stage beaming nearly the whole time as Kaine gushed words of joy and hope — interspersed with a few Spanish phrases — (the Senator is known to be fluent in Spanish} and, yes, some sadness when talking about the shooting at Virginia Tech during his time as Virginia governor.

I, like I suspect most folks nationwide, had never observed Senator Kaine’s rhetoric in action. But from what I was lead to believe, I was stunned by the way he held the crowds and my interest. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised. The guy has apparently never lost an election. So how dull could he be?

In any event the public will be in for a mighty contrast between the doom and gloom of the Trump Pence duo and the upbeat massage that one should anticipated from the Clinton Kaine combo.

I realize that it is supposed to be an election of the leaser of two evils, and that the ability of one to make the other out to be the bigger evil is the key. Yet I can’t help feeling that the one trashing the other who looks like the better human being while doing the trashing will win out. On that basis it is not looking so good for the orange man.

Kaine looks like aces high in this election.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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