Why Mr. Barr? For God’s Sake Why — Sir?

The greatest mystery in Washington DC these days is WHY has William Barr decided to die on Trump Mountain by acting as a suicidal attorney general for President Donald J. (I will gut your life) Trump. Indeed, why would a man of some reputation ruin it all in the final stages of his professional career? Yes, why in the world would a man write a nineteen-page memorandum practically begging to function as Trump’s private lawyer (his Roy Cohn) if the Donald would only appoint him United States Attorney General?

The whole thing’s inexplicable, or is it?

Did Barr just love being attorney general so much the first time around that he would do anything to get back to his old job?


Is he taking on the position because he is in dire need of a financial reward?
Not likely. He is not known for being a reckless spender, so after many years of some high playing jobs he should be quite well off.

Is he being blackmailed into to the role because of some illegality?

Barr is a careful man who knows the law inside out, so it’s unlikely that he has done anything stupidly or technical illegal.

Is he being blackmailed into the job because of some despicable act of his that was caught on camera? This is a possibility since almost everyone has a hidden weird side, but he’s likely way too careful a person to be running off the rails in this direction. But I wouldn’t rule it out entirely.

Have the Russians or the mob given him an offer he can’t refuse?

Has he or his family been physically threatened if he doesn’t attempt to cover for the traitor-in-chief, extremely unlikely?

Is Barr simply a true belier — a MAGA hat at heart, and, or, is this a last desperate attempt on Barr’s part to try and save a dying Republican Party?


If one were to take a good hard look at Barr’s hardline conservative views over the years and some of his more wacky opinions of late, it’s not hard to believe that William Bar has had to work hard his entire legal careen toning down his natural conspiracy theory mindset in order to do business with polite Washington society.

It’s as if he has finally burst out of his Fox News closet to do what he can to save Trump and the Republicans from the young Democratic barbarians of color that are pouring into government. It may seem like a Kamikaze operation, but likely for the first time in his life Barr feels free to be totally himself.

The Trump administration is home for him — at least temporarily so the way the Donald works it. In fact Barr has family members buzzing around the Justice Department and the Trump administration. Barr’s daughter, Mary Daly, worked at the Department of Justice as the Trump Administration’s point woman on the opioid epidemic. She left that position in February 2019 for a position in the Financial Crimes Department. Meanwhile, Tyler McGaughey, the husband of Barr’s youngest daughter, left the U.S. Attorney’s office in Alexandria to join the White House counsel’s office.

Lining up with Fox News’ talking points, Barr insisted in 2017 that there was “nothing inherently wrong” with Donald Trump’s calls for investigating Hillary Clinton while both were running for president. Moreover Barr stated that an investigation into the Uranium One controversy was far more warranted than looking into whether Trump conspired with Russia in the 2016 election. All these things were red flags for Democrats, but Barr was confirmed as attorney general in the Senate mostly along party lines.

So it should be of no surprise that Barr is doing his best to run interference for Trump by slow waking the Mueller investigation report to Congress and the public, and doing it in a way that gives a false impression when it comes to Russian collusion and obstruction of justice that Trump is as pure as the driven snow.

While this allows the liar from Trump tower a head start in his PR campaign of innocence, only a few true believer MAGA hats seem to be impressed by Barr’s shenanigans. In fact it might have been better had the Mueller report come out as a clean cut rather than what’s apt to turn into and endlessly oozing infection, maybe right up to Election Day. In any event, Barr’s fate is likely to be just more collateral damage as the Donald stomps his way through the Federal government — Barr becoming merely another silly man trying to kiss the cobra that is Trump.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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