Why Wasn’t It Breaking News — Why?

Billionaire and Trump hater, Tom Steyer, a few days ago threw his hat into the ring as a Democratic candidate for president. One might have thought that this would be earthshaking, late braking news, but hardly a peep was heard coming out of the cable news shows, including the anti Trump and very liberal MSNBC — disappointing.

Steyer’s entry into the race for president has the potential to turn the Democratic Party upside down, especially considering front-runner, Joe Biden’s, weak performance in the first debate.

For many months now we has been subjected to Steyer’s face on TV commercials and plastered across the internet calling for Trump’s impeachment. Heck, with the millions this experienced organizer has been pouring into TV and online adds to go after “our” president, he should have more face and name recognition than at least half the last set of on stage Democratic debaters. Indeed, it’s not like he’s starting his campaign from scratch.

Not only does he have some basic name recognition, Steyer has pledged to pour a 100 million bucks into his effort. That is more than the total to date of a half dozen of the top Democratic contenders. Moreover, as an Atlantic magazine article states: “He’s the founder, and funder, of both Need to Impeach, which is pushing for Trump’s removal, and NextGen America, an environmental advocacy organization focused on activating new voters.” In other words this guy has organizational experience and clout.

I mean Tom boy could have threatened to run as an independent, assuring that Trump would win again, as would be the case if any other serious, independent liberal candidate that came on the scene to siphon off just enough liberal votes to sink the Democrats and hand Trump a second term. And so Democrats had better be careful how they treat this fellow. The country may depend on.

So wake the hell up cable news and give us the scoop on the effect this guy is going to have on the election. If you think he will have none (and you would be wrong) then at least say so.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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