With Trump As President Washington Truly is Dysfunctional

For many years folks of all political persuasions have been bemoaning the fact that Washington is dysfunctional. Even those desperate to become part of the Washington establishment found that running against Washington was a required position to take on the campaign trail, especially by those people (Republicans) hell bent on making it even more dysfunctional because that’s what their fat cat backers who benefit from gridlock would be paying them to do.

Now of course a dysfunctional Washington not only plays into the hands of America’s oligarchs but even more so those oligarchs that rule Russia. So as ringleader of the Russian mob, Putin sneakily found himself the perfect American stooge for the job of hopelessly straggling Washington — President “who knew” Donald J. Trump.

In fact Putin has found his protégé so effective at gumming of the gears of national government that he feels free to admit that Russians did, most likely, hack the American electoral process. Indeed, Trump is so bad that it is actually in Putin’s interest to see the American government tied up in investigative knots. Really, why not feed the fire and confirm that he has Trump in his pocket? The political situation is such that Trump can’t be quickly dislodged, so the more he can encourage investigations of all sorts the more it distracts America from blocking his power plays on the world stage.

Oh wow, who knew this Trump gambit was going to turn out so well? I mean both Trump and Putin looked at their electoral play as almost a throw away gesture. But then there are those who have always said, never underestimate the American public’s ability to do the wrong thing, at least wrong enough to screw things up.

And so now thinking Americans are stuck with the hope that somehow state and local governments will find ways to hold the nation together against the Trump/Putin insurgency. You might as well say for them that Governor Jerry Brown of California is their de facto president.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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