Yes, America Our President Donald J. Trump Has Within Him No Red Line Of Decency He Will Not Cross

I was watching Nicolle Wallace’s shown, Deadline White House, on MSNBC (1–15–19), and it was somewhat amusing to watch the reaction of one of her guest panelists. Miss Wallace had introduced the idea that President Trump may possibly be a Russian agent or at least somehow badly compromised by the Putin gang.

Now of course this is a startling notion to be sure, but, however, it is agreed by all, less the most partisan Trump supporters, that the Donald has been steadily granting Putin his most prized wish list of things that will weaken the United States and her allies. It has even been said by Trump insiders that they have been fighting hard to keep the Donald from pulling the US out of NATO, the most successful peace protecting alliance in history, and something the Russian have been aiming to undo ever since it was formed following the two World Wars of the last century.

Miss Wallace was flabbergasted that the guest in question could not rap his mind around the possibility that Trump could be an outright traitor to his country. Yes the guest understood Trump to be a contemptible human being whose only real interest in life was himself, but the panelist was acting as though somewhere deep within Trump there must be red line that not even he would cross.

But he would not be alone in such thinking. Even most contract killers have things they would not do, such as kill an innocent child. So it is hard for even many of Trump’s most passionate haters to think that he is without a single redeeming attribute. I mean there must be a spark of goodness in him somewhere — right?

Ask that of those who have made it a big part of their lives to study Trump’s business and ethical practices and they will assure you that Trump is limitless when it comes to doing harm. Indeed, there is nothing that he thinks he can get away with that is too horrific to pursue if he he believes it will benefit him personally — from persecuting the Central Park Five, to disparaging the birth place of a president, to separating mothers and fathers from their children, to conning folks with Trump “University,” to stiffing contractor who work on his properties, to money laundering for the Russian mob and quite possibly even selling out his country to Putin.

In his primitive reptilian mindset Trump only sees a world system of eat or be eaten. For him notions of compassion, sincerity and fairness toward others are even difficult for him to fake. As I have stated many times the mandate of the human ego is to survive and thrive at all costs and to seek advantage at every opportunity toward that end. Trump is one of those rare characters composed of pure ego.

Naturally we all have egos working on our personal behalf’s, but 99.99 % of us also have modifying intellects that tend to smooth out our most selfish tendencies so that we don’t sooner or later destroy all with whom we become closely associated. Trump on the other hand operates like a Nile crocodile ripping apart anything that crosses his existence.

But once again, like Nicolle’s panelists, it is often difficult for good people to comprehend the full extend of the Donald’s awfulness. There are no red lines in Trump world, only things to be exploited for his personal benefit — decency be damned, America be damned.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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