Yes, Emily, there is sort of a counterstrategy needed, but not in the traditional sense of the word strategy. Because Trump has been acting so far outside the box, people are either for him out of fear or greed or they are not. There will thus be little or no need for convincing. This election, even Trump has figured it out, is going to be a turnout election — period. This is why Trump keeps pound his base over and over again.

The simple strategy the Democrats need to employ is to find out which combination among the positive 60% of voters generates the strongest support. Poles would seem to indicate that to be a Biden and Harris ticket.

Sure to me Biden looks weak and old, but what I or the pudits think doesn’t count. Biden seems safe to the old folks White and of color and Harris seems sharp and effective to young professionals, women and minorities in general.

So it’s sort of like picking juries in a trial. Picking the right jury is far more important than what is argued before them. Okay that’s a convoluted analogy, but I think you get my point.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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