Yes Mr. and Mrs. America Trump Is a Weaponized Agent Of Putin

I watched on cable news today as a former ambassador, US attorney and CIA chief walked right up to the edge of saying that the Russians were feeding Trump taking points via some mind control means and that Mueller and US intelligence services have inside knowledge of how this being done.

Look there is no one easier to con than another con. The carless and moronic Trump would have been little challenge for Putin’s agents to pull aside on one of the Donald’s many trips to Russia on the pretext of giving him what he wanted in the way of building a Trump tower in Moscow. Hypnosis in clever hands can do much, especial with a weak mind like Trump’s

Post hypnotic control of Trump is the only thing that explains how no one in the Trump administration is ever on the same page with him. All this stuff about pee-pee tapes and that the Russians have something on the Donald is just the starting point of Putin’s having weaponized Trump to destroy America and the West.

They know just how to program him in a way that backs certain political factions so that they can keep him rammed into the wheels of government, causing endless misery for the country. Even the wall issue is just an excuse to shout down the government. The fact that it plays well with Trump’s base makes it all that more effective in causing endless chaos.

But here’s the thing. How can the details of this situation of Trump’s Russian mind control get out to the public without tearing the country apart? I mean this flimflam man of a president ain’t much, but he has got a full third of the country hoodwinked.

To expose the Russian / Trump mind control scam would only set his followers in a frenzy against what Trump has already set them up to see as the “Deep State.” Trump’s Russian handlers have thought of every possible angle to make him and his havoc making ability bulletproof.

Indeed, no matter which way we turn to try and remove this Russian cancer of a president it’s going to cause big trouble. Putin must be jumping for joy at America’s dilemma.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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