I have a friend who claims he hates politics and doesn’t want to hear anything about it. Yet he wallows in reality TV. And when you think about it, reality TV is the worst kind of politics, having no social redeeming component. It is nothing more than politics reduced to…

Throughout history democracies have been a fragile form of government. This is because Democracies depended on reasonable cooperation, a strong regard for the rule of law over personality and at least some semblance of truth telling among competing political parties. …

Currently Arizona Senator Sinema is risking no less than her nation’s democracy. By acting irrationally, mocking Senate norms and refusing to give any hint to the Democrat leadership team what she wants in regard to the critical so called 3.5 trillion dollar human infrastructure bill, she is performing in a way that only Donald Trump and his cult following could love.

Therefore I see a gambit in which bringing down President Biden’s agenda via withholding her support for it, she will become a right wing hero. And thus once the Arizona “Republican” Trumpist legislators have thoroughly fixed the state’s vote count system to their prefered outcome, Sinema will then change parties, becoming a Trumpist star and a Senator for life in the new American dictatorship.

Democracy is a very sophisticated and fragile form of government. It is an unnatural construct beyond the grasp of the reptilian intellects that flock to Fox News. A political bull in a china shop can easily knock it all to pieces.

It was designed to protect the average citizen from the excesses of the rich and powerful. Thus capitalism and democracy are always at odds, the first always pushing for more and the latter trying to limit the first’s immoderations.

And so when capitalism allies itself with the political bull in the china shop, democracy is crushed. Trump plus Wall Street equals totalitarianism.

Perhaps Corporate American should review what happened to Germany when the industrialists backed Hitler thinking they could control him.

Of course not all supporters of Donald John Trump are folks that can be technically classified as fanatical true believers — those whom the Donald claimed that even he were to shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue they would continue to support him. The Donald may not know…

James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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